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Stakeholder engagement survey

Stakeholder engagement survey

Who are the survey respondents?

Our stakeholder engagement survey was completed by more than 90 respondents, which included employees, shareholders, community partners, NGOs, customers, analysts, community members and the media.

What did stakeholders say?

Sixty-eight per cent of respondents believed that Wesfarmers is a good corporate citizen and the remaining 31 per cent believed Wesfarmers is mostly a good corporate citizen, with some areas of concern.  One per cent respondents believed that Wesfarmers was not a good corporate citizen.  The most common areas of interest were Wesfarmers' environmental impact and climate change resilience, Wesfarmers' community contribution, Coles’ supplier relationships, ethical sourcing and investment in coal assets.

How has this feedback been taken into account in this year’s report?

All areas of concern identified in the stakeholder engagement survey have been addressed in this year’s online report (see links above).

All the topics covered in last year’s report are covered again and we have adjusted the 'Our Principles' pages to address all the issues identified through our materiality process. This year we have included more detailed information on safe products and people development [hyperlink]. In line with global best practice, we have also started to measure and report scope 3 emissions arising from transport.

How can I provide my own feedback?

We welcome your feedback. If you would like to comment on any aspect of this report, please use the feedback page or email us at sustainability@wesfarmers.com.au.  We would love to hear from you.