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Materiality process

To identify which issues to address in this report, we undertake a robust materiality process, at a Group level and for each division. Each division gathers feedback from its stakeholders, then prioritises its most material issues, which are then addressed on its own page of the report, in accordance with the disclosures required in relation to each division’s material Global Reporting Initiative G4 ‘aspects’.

At a Group level, we draw on a range of sources to identify our material issues. These sources include internal interviews with external stakeholder touchpoints, traditional and social media reviews, external reputational survey data, AGM questions, institutional and retail investor inquiries, non-governmental organisation interactions, employee feedback, peer reporting and an external stakeholder survey.

Identified issues are then prioritised according to their potential financial or reputational impact on the company, the size and nature of impact on stakeholders and the perceived societal importance of the issue.

We then combine the two processes and identify which issues can be addressed appropriately at a divisional level and which are of sufficient significance to be Group issues. Our stakeholder survey seeks specific feedback on our sustainability reporting and assists us in identifying any emerging issues.

This year, we have updated our 10 community and environmental principles, to include principles on the development of our people and product safety.  Government cooperation has been removed as a standalone principle and is now addressed under stakeholder engagement.  Stakeholder engagement underpins all our principles and is addressed in 'Our approach' rather than as a separate principle.  These changes reflect the outcome of our materiality process. Our materiality process also informs which GRI G4 aspects we report, as outlined in our GRI Content Index.

As part of our report assurance process, Ernst & Young reviewed this process to make sure that we have addressed the issues that our stakeholders most want to hear about. If there is an issue that you think has not been adequately addressed in this report, please let us know here.

GRI Reference: G4-18, G4-23, G4-25, G4-26, G4-27