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Managing Director's welcome: transcript

Welcome to the 2015 Wesfarmers sustainability report.

Wesfarmers has been creating value for all our stakeholders for over 100 years. One thing we have always recognised is that the communities in which we operate have to thrive and succeed and we have to operate in a sustainable way. We are governed by our 10 sustainability and community principles.

As we reflect on last year, there are some areas where we have made some good progress.

On safety, our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate has reduced by more than seven percent. The challenge going forward is to ensure that our workplace is a safe place for every employee, so that each one of us can go home every day safe to our families. We have a lot more work to do on safety.

Last year, for the first time, we and our customers made community contributions of more than $100 million. That is terrific and we would like to do more on that front.

We have done some really good work on ethical sourcing. We will continue to have a strong focus on making it clear to our suppliers that we want our products sourced and made in a way that is ethical and responsible. I am really pleased that we have signed the UN Global Compact and we have an ongoing commitment to that compact.

Over the last five years at Wesfarmers we have reduced our emissions intensity by 37 per cent which is a really pleasing outcome. It is important that we continue to look at ways to reduce that going forward. It may be more challenging, as we have done some of the easier things over the last five years. But we want to mitigate the risk of climate change and we want to ensure that our businesses are as resilient as they can be.

On diversity, I am really pleased with the progress we have made in employing Indigenous Australians. We now have nearly 2,800 Indigenous employees across the Group. Last year alone, Coles employed an additional 500 Indigenous Australians. Our target is that the Wesfarmers workforce reflects the proportion of Indigenous Australians in the workforce.

I commend the report to you. We look forward to working with you to ensure that Wesfarmers continues to be a really important contributor to the communities in which we operate.

Thanks very much.



Richard Goyder AO
Managing Director