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Impactt's Benefits for Business and Workers Program

Photo courtesy of Impactt.

Target has been involved in Impactt's Benefits for Business and Workers program (BBW) in Bangladesh since January 2014. The BBW program is a human resources and productivity consultancy program that helps factories to improve their competitiveness and offer better jobs to workers. The program goes beyond traditional auditing and focuses instead on building stronger human resources, production and communication management systems. The program has demonstrated that stronger systems lead to improved productivity, increased job satisfaction and improved relationships on the factory floor.

Eight of Target’s suppliers, covering 10 factories, have now graduated from the program. The results from these factories have been positive with all achieving reduced labour turnover and absenteeism. Seventy percent of the factories have made improvements on hourly pay rates which has mainly been achieved as a result of workers being upskilled or promoted.

The program also demonstrates improvements in workers’ jobs. Workers across all participating factories rated their jobs better at the end of the program. Workers are more satisfied with their ability to take leave, being treated with respect and receiving training and support. 

One worker at a graduated factory, discussing her new appointment as a buddy to new workers said “When I came for the first time [to the factory] I felt nervous, shy and afraid as I didn’t know anyone here. Now if any new worker comes I behave like a friend, ask their problems and try to solve them so they don’t feel nervous”.

Another worker at a graduated factory, discussing her promotion said “I am now working as an operator of the pilot line. Before I was a helper but my line chief and supervisor trained me so I could become an operator. My income has increased, I can now help my family. I am happy.”