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Curragh takes the lead on preventing fatigue-related traffic accidents

With fatigue-related incidents continuing to take lives on central Queensland roads, it became apparent to Curragh that existing educational and awareness efforts of police, government and employers were still not getting across to some drivers. With this in mind Curragh decided to try another approach which focused on getting its workforce to understand that it is their choice whether or not to drive when they are fatigued.

In October 2014, Curragh, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the Department of Transport and Main Roads held a Fatigue Forum. After this, Curragh organised for the local police office to speak with its workforce about the legal implications relating to fatigue-related accidents. These sessions received positive feedback from the workforce, with a number of mine workers commenting that they would be more likely to plan their journeys to consider fatigue.

After consulting contractors, employee representatives, and safety and health representatives, Curragh invested in producing an awareness video on the topic of driver fatigue, which will be made available to a wider audience, including families of employees, via YouTube and DVD. These videos supplemented existing training with messages about legal responsibilities for drivers to manage their fatigue and ‘real life’ stories. These videos will also be hosted on the police and Workcover Queensland websites and made available to other companies, mine sites and organisations.

Curragh hopes that this investment will help to reduce fatigue-related accidents on the Central Queensland roads which are used by its employees and families.