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CSBP Fertilisers help sales reps stay safe

With approximately two million kilometres travelled each year on country roads in Western Australia by fewer than 40 sales representatives, CSBP Fertilisers recognised that travel was one of the highest safety risk areas for the business.

To reduce risk and improve the safety of its employees, CSBP installed a safety management system (GPS tracking device) in each of its sale representative's vehicles. The system has an accident alert which is activated when the vehicle registers a high g-force, and a duress alarm which can be set off by the driver as required - an important feature given CSBP’s sales representatives regularly travel alone to relatively remote regional areas, often with little mobile coverage.

When an alert is activated, a message is sent to the relevant managers who act on the alert accordingly. If the alert is activated out-of-hours, the message is diverted to the security team at CSBP Kwinana for action.

Positively, no duress alerts have been activated since the system was installed in late 2014, and we have seen increased driver behavioural awareness.