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Coles Express team members compete for health and wellbeing

Teams of Coles Express employees are hitting the pavement with their Fitbits following the launch of a health and wellbeing program called Express Steps.

Express Steps was launched in December 2014 to encourage team members to make regular movement part of their everyday activity. So far 1,000 team members have purchased a Fitbit at a substantial discount funded by Coles and 400 have joined the program. In the six months since launch, more than 332 million steps have been registered, equating to more than 230,000 kilometres.

The program involves team members forming teams and issuing weekly challenges, like team WiiNotfit7 which is based in Perth.

Mitchell Fuller, who is on the WiiNotfit7 team and the site manager at Coles Express Highgate in Western Australia says the Express Steps program is engaging and works because it “encourages us to move, make small changes to our health and overall has us feeling better about ourselves”.

So far the WiiNotfit7 team has achieved a total distance of 10,000 kilometres (which is the distance of Perth to Hawaii), walking an average of 10,658 steps per day by encouraging each other, tracking weekly progress and setting goals to improve and challenge one another.

Charles Griffin, Safety and Wellbeing Manager at Coles Express, says team members are reporting feeling more active, productive and confident both inside and outside of work while others have lost weight.

“Teams are having plenty of fun setting up challenges, like the ‘weekend warrior’ challenge and the ‘work week hustle’ challenge, and daily goals help keep the teams on track to improve their wellbeing.

“Now that we’ve launched, we plan to release an in-house commercial to motivate other team members to join the program and introduce some further challenges to increase steps taken, he said.”