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Workwear makes hats from bottles

Although polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles are recyclable, many end up in landfill taking hundreds of years to break down. Often PET bottles end up in oceans harming marine life.

Workwear and Qantas recognise that recycling is preferable to sending waste to landfill and decided that sustainability should be at the heart of the Qantas cabin crew uniform redesign. The Eco-Hat is made by using four (4) recycled PET bottles. This means the Eco-Hat is manufactured from 100 per cent recycled products.

So how does a PET plastic bottle become a new product like a Qantas cabin crew hat?

PET bottles are shredded into solid flakes, which are then turned into polyester fibres, used to make yarn to create products such as hats, fleece coats, clothing, pillows and carpets. PET can also be recycled back into new, single-serve PET bottles that are convenient, safe and recyclable.