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Wesfarmers divisions use data to manage energy

Keeping stores cool and food refrigerated uses a lot of energy. Small mistakes, such as leaving a door open or the lights on after hours, can have a big impact on energy use if these mistakes are not addressed quickly. Managing energy use in real time requires sophisticated monitoring tools and Coles and Target found that these tools were not available. Coles have set up a near real time analysis tool to monitor their energy use and take corrective action where it has gone up or down. Target has leveraged this tool to include state of the art tariff optimisation to save on its energy costs. At the Energy Centre in Mulgrave, Victoria, energy use by store is monitored and displayed in real time. Any variations from daily, weekly or monthly usage patterns can be seen immediately and energy managers are able to contact stores directly to find out what is causing these variations and fix them sooner.

This is already creating significant energy and cost savings. Coles identified, analysed and fixed 3,000 exceptions over the reporting year, realising savings of 13 million kilowatt hours. This equates to the annual energy use of 2,200 households.

Target’s Energy Centre has been used to support a range of environmental and cost saving strategies and initiatives this year. These activities have delivered a nine per cent reduction in store energy demand, 10 per cent reduction in carbon and 12 percent reduction in costs.  

Greater visibility of energy use drives behaviour change in stores and assist our divisions to reduce wasted energy.