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Packaging House loves NZ

Packaging House has supported the 'Love NZ' as part of the Public Place Recycling Scheme since 2011.

‘Love NZ’ is a scheme that funds projects, research and recycling bins for plastic, aluminium, paper and glass packaging from food and beverages consumed in public places.

In the past year the scheme has funded recycling at events attended by more than 250,000 people; commissioned the first National Litter Survey in New Zealand and helped directly fund the installation of 138 recycling bins in high streets, shopping malls, hospitals, tourist attractions and schools around the country. In doing this the Scheme has diverted 3,744 tonnes of waste from landfill.

Packaging House has championed a number of projects including developing a national database of composting facilities; introducing a Soft Plastics Recovery program; and seeking recycling opportunities for coffee cups.

In April 2015, Packaging House successfully applied to the Ministry for Environment to be able to use the Government’s Love NZ brand on its PET drinks cup range to promote to consumers the recyclability of PET plastic cups.