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Coregas assists sustainable fishing

Coral Coast Barramundi located near Bowen in Northern Queensland is a fully integrated sustainable fishery with its own breeding stock hatchery and nursery. The site is a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approved processing facility and fully certified as ‘Australian Sustainably Farmed Barramundi’.

Coregas has partnered with Coral Coast Barramundi to provide an infrastructure solution. The site was restricted to one 30,000 litre liquid oxygen vessel and one set of pipes and valves feeding the fish ponds. This meant if any pipe or valve were to fail the fish would be without oxygen and the stock potentially lost. Coregas provided the site with a larger 45,000 litre vessel (to ensure extra supply in the event of road closures) but more importantly with an extra 12,000 litre vessel and separate set of pipes and valves ensuring redundancy in infrastructure.

Liquid oxygen provided by Coregas enables Coral Coast Barramundi to grow fish in an efficient manner by improving feed conversion and improving fish health and growth. Barramundi take 18 months to reach three kilograms in size and are sold mainly to restaurants as a high end premium white fish. The fishery produces 700 tonnes of whole barramundi per year for the Australian market.