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Officeworks raises awareness of printer cartridge recycling in schools

Since 2005, Officeworks has been a participant in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark Recycling Program and is now Australia’s largest retail collector of printer cartridges for recycling. In 2014, Officeworks reached a major milestone, becoming the first retailer to collect more than five million printer cartridges.

To celebrate this achievement, Officeworks ran a new program in partnership with Planet Ark to promote printer cartridge recycling in schools.

During May 2015, schools entered an online competition by registering in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark recycling program and providing reasons why it is so important to recycle printer cartridges. The first 200 schools received a share of 10,000 rulers made from recycled toner cartridges. The winning school, Kareela Public School in New South Wales, also won a garden bed made from recycled toner cartridges.