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Coles caters for shoppers with additional needs

Pushing a wheelchair while also carrying a large shopping basket or pushing a shopping trolley at the same time is a near impossible task. That’s why Coles has introduced the additional needs trolley to over 400 supermarkets across Australia.

The new trolley means parents or carers who have children with a disability are not disadvantaged by not being able to use a regular trolley. It allows them to place all their groceries in a trolley while also having their child seated safely.

The trolley is being manufactured by Queensland company, QHDC Australia Pty Ltd, and is the culmination of two years of research to design and manufacture a trolley which can assist parents with children who have a disability.

Jason Barker, deputy CEO of Australian Network on Disability has welcomed the work Coles has done in meeting the needs of customers that require these trolleys.

“It is particularly good that this initiative was the result of direct feedback to Coles from its customers. Shopping is a task that many of us take for granted. This initiative means families supporting a young person with additional needs will be able to get out and about and do the shopping more easily. Great work Coles.”

The trolley, which was originally based on a US trolley known as ‘Caroline’s Cart’, allows for a child of up to 70 kilograms in weight and has padding on the sides, a harness and additional support in its structure.

Coles will provide the additional needs trolley to any store that requests one on behalf of a customer.